Bhim Bhimraj

Bhim Bhimraj PictureA beehive thrives because all the bees work together to ensure the survival of the colony. Every bee has a unique job and is fully aware of the role it plays in the hive. Our Bee-Clean hive is no different.

Sadly, in June, we lost a cherished and highly valued member of our Edmonton hive. Samaroo Bhimraj, known to all as “Bhim” was an integral part of the Edmonton Bee-Clean family for over 25 years. Bhim and his wife, Lachni (Hilda), came to work at Bee-Clean upon their arrival in Canada in 1995. No one could have predicted the impact the Bhimraj family would have at Bee-Clean.  Bhim new the value of hard work; he knew how to make a hive survive and the success that can be achieved when we all work together.  Hilda and Bhim worked at Bee-Clean for 17 years before retiring, while they may have left the workforce, their influence persevered. Our Bee-Clean family grew to include Bhim & Hilda’s family. Their son’s Dave, Raj, and Anil, along with daughter Nalini Singh, all work at Bee-Clean in various roles to this day.  Even more incredible, we are now starting to see the third generation of Bhimraj family members join our hive.

Bee-Clean will be forever grateful for Bhim Bhimraj and the fantastic family he left behind to continue his legacy.

Thank you, Bhim, for leaving our hive better than it was before you; and for showing us all how to truly live life to its fullest.