Bee-Clean's pandemic information and resources.

The National Pandemic Management Team is responsible to:

Coordinate information and more importantly ensure consistent and accurate information is being shared internally with our team members and externally with our clients.

Carry out the roles and responsibilities required for pandemic preparedness and response planning

Act as a regional point of contact for Bee-Clean staff to direct and answer pandemic related questions

The National Pandemic Management Team (NPMT) currently consists of two groups; active members who are responsible for participating and assisting with group discussion, decisions and information dissemination and informed members who will receive copies of the team’s outcomes and advisories.

Rob Scott, Sr VP BC/AB (Chair and Sr Lead for Bee-Clean’s Pandemic Program)

John Appleton, VP National Accounts

Eva Billing, OH&S Manager AB, Sr. QA Manager S. AB

Michael Hudson, OH&S Manager BC

Daphne Peng, Director Bee-Clean China

Kim Wetenkamp, Director Ironhorse Janitorial

Erzsi Raba, Regional Director ACDEN Bee-Clean

Randy Pollock, Manager Supply Chain, Western Canada

Sergio Abaunza, OHS GTA

Jean Claude Petit, VP Operations, Admin

Adele Prazeres, Director Human Resources

Lorraine Linhares, Director Human Resources

Roberta Polyak, VP Labour and Employee Relations

To get a copy of Bee-Clean’s Return to the Workplace document or Bee-Clean’s COVID-19 Safety plan, email