What We Do
Bee-Clean is the Canadian industry leader, your single source local and national provider of comprehensive building maintenance, restoration, and janitorial service.

Industry leaders, sustainability experts and sector specialists are what defines us as Canada’s largest janitorial service provider. 100% proudly Canadian, we are your single source of building maintenance and cleaning innovation for local and national properties. Our professional teams have been providing expert service to clients in the public and private sectors for more than 50+ years. Bee-Clean is the first Canadian company to achieve Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building certification in 2009.

For more than 50+ years, Bee-Clean has been providing expert cleaning service to customers in the public and private sectors.  Working to the highest industry standards, more than 14000 employees in 27 branches across the country clean over 400 million square feet every day.

24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, our business is taking care of yours.

Our cleaning expertise includes:

  • Certified green cleaning
  • Sustainable consumable procurement
  • Truck-mounted extraction & carpet repair
  • Truck-mounted pressure washing
  • Glass cleaning
  • Infection / Pandemic control
  • Raised computer floor cleaning
  • Hardwood floor refinishing
  • Wood polishing and oiling
  • Concrete polishing and refinishing
  • Natural stone care and maintenance services
  • Venetian blind dusting and washing
  • Routine lighting maintenance
    (lamp replacement and lens cleaning)
  • Emergency services
  • Parking lot sweeping & pressure washing
  • Snow removal
  • Landscaping
  • Escalator cleaning
  • Clean-up work post construction
  • Special occasion clean-up

Because our service is defined by the quality of our people, we take great care in ensuring that all the members of our cleaning teams are:

  • Trained in the industry’s best practices
  • Enhanced security cleared
  • Friendly, professional and reliable
  • Committed to customer care

We also know that not every building is the same and not every client has the same needs.  Whether it’s an office space, clinic room, classroom or public space, we are proud of our ability to customize a cleaning program and cleaning team to ensure excellence in environmental care.

We are an award winning company and being at the forefront of the cleaning industry in Canada has enabled us to develop constructive and contemporary consulting products to support our customers’ business objectives.

Our approach draws on the talents of our innovative team of industry leaders from across Canada who can work with you and your team to develop strategies in the following areas:

Sustainability and Green Cleaning

Bee-Clean has a long-term commitment to sustainability in every aspect of our operations. The company has rigorously pursued the highest national and international standards of accreditation and is proud to be Canadian industry leaders.

Green Cleaning protects health without harming the environment. This goes beyond chemical and equipment choices to include policies, procedures, training and shared responsibility.

To help meet the growing demand for green and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, Bee-Clean became the first cleaning company in Canada to achieve the the Cleaning Industry Management Standard & Certification Program “Green Building” (CIMS – GB) criteria.

CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) is the North American benchmark accreditation for cleaning companies. It applies to management, operations, performance systems, and processes. Compliance with the Standard demonstrates that Bee-Clean is structured to deliver consistent, quality services designed to meet customer’s needs and expectations.

LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance sustainable green buildings.  Our CIMS-GB designation provides both Bee-Clean and our Clients a certification that is closely tailored to provide precisely what is required to secure points under the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) Green Building Rating System, while greening operations overall. 

As the U.S. and Canadian Green Building Councils’ LEED program and Green Building rating systems accelerate, green cleaning is our industry’s top trend, with demand growing constantly because it can contribute to achieving LEED certification.

Through both our operational experience and CIMS-GB designation, we are able to consult with you to support your efforts towards achieving LEED certification.

Procurement of Consumables

Bee-Clean will work with you to develop a cost-effective, environmentally responsible program for procurement of consumables.  We will look at fundamental questions: What advantages to other products offer? Would new products increase / decrease costs? Would new products improve building appearance?  Will the new product provide a complimentary fit with other products currently used in the cleaning program or system? Will building occupants be better served?

Staff Training

Bee-Clean managers and supervisors are thoroughly versed in Occupational Health and Safety standards and other industry standards and regulations. We will work with your staff team to create a protocol for cleaning and maintenance which reflects the industry’s best practices.

Optimum Scheduling

Bee-Clean experts will assess your current cleaning and maintenance schedules and make recommendations for optimum effectiveness. This includes reviewing whether your cleaning should be night-time or day-time and how to make changes simply and smoothly.

Experience and Special Training in all Sectors

We’ve been mopping our way around buildings across Canada for over 50+ years and in that time we’ve progressively managed heavy industrial sites, energy sector producers, hospitals, airports, large and small commercial buildings, technology sector facilities, transportation and telecommunications locations, colleges and universities, retail environments, major sports and entertainment venues, conference centres and financial institutions. Whether our clients have multiple locations across Canada or one site, our service is designed to meet your specific needs and standards.

Customized Maintenance and Cleaning Service Plans

When you become a client of Bee-Clean we’ll do a complete assessment of your maintenance and cleaning needs and work with you to develop a specialized maintenance and service plan. In developing this plan we focus on three key components – service, quality and value. Quality management begins with setting performance standards for each aspect of the plan. This establishes criteria, informs the working group of their responsibilities, and sets the expectations of excellence. As your business grows and changes, we’ll work with you to modify the maintenance and service plan to meet your changing needs.

Spectrum of Services

  • Specialized services to heavy and light industry, energy sector producers, hospitals, airports, large and small office buildings, technology sector facilities, transportation and telecommunications locations, colleges and universities, retail environments, major sports and entertainment venues and financial institutions
  • Facility Assessment – condition, maintenance, cleaning and restoration needs
  • Client-centred schedules
  • Consulting services where requested: Green Cleaning, Risk Assessment, OH&S, Standards and Practices, Recycling
  • Risk Minimization through Preventive Maintenance
  • HVAC, Mechanical and Electrical systems operation and repair
  • Housekeeping and general cleaning services (Green Cleaning)
  • Use of sustainable products, equipment and consumables
  • Waste removal and recycling
  • Plant care (interior and exterior)
  • Grounds cleaning and maintenance

We think our expertise is unmatched in Canada so we’d invite you to contact us and let us show you how we can help.

Bad days happen and we’ve been around long enough to know that when they do, our response can be integral to protecting your property and assets. 

With 24 hour service, truck-mounted steam cleaners, high volume water removal equipment and over 12500 staff located throughout Canada, Bee-Clean provides rapid, comprehensive services to clean and restore after damage from fire, vandalism, and floods as well as providing a quick response for construction/renovation cleaning and open house cleaning.

Our specialized services include:

  • Flood, fire and vandalism clean-up and restoration
  • Construction/renovation clean-up
  • Open House cleaning

We also know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so our goal is to be an active partner in protecting your facility from damage and costly downtime. Our Preventive Maintenance Program works with yours to ensure maximum continuous operating efficiency and minimal risk exposure. 

Our customized services include:

  • Fire / Life / Safety inspections
  • Slip/fall testing
  • Minor repairs
  • Lamp replacement
  • Pest Control
  • Comprehensive equipment and systems maintenance