Bee-Clean is committed to the consistent and accurate sharing of information, especially as it relates to COVID 19. Our approach has always been prudence before panic, science over fear. The Bee-Clean National Pandemic Management Team has compiled a resource guide to address many of the questions and concerns regarding COVID 19 in the workplace.
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The Bee-Clean Difference
Bee-Clean has been providing cleaning, restoration, consulting and facilities services for over 50 years and proud to say that we are Canada's largest janitorial service provider.
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Who We Are
From its inception more than 50 years ago, Bee-Clean has held the philosophy that service, quality and value are the most important aspects of business relationships.
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What We Do
Bee-Clean is the Canadian industry leader, your single source local and national provider of comprehensive building maintenance, restoration, and janitorial service.
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Where We Work
Bee-Clean has extensive experience across all sectors and offers specialized solutions, meeting and exceeding the highest standards.
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Bee-Clean's commitment to continuous quality improvement has moved us to the forefront of our industry, with leading edge programs and practices.
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Bee-Clean's sustainable business practices make us national industry leaders - the first Canadian company to achieve CIMS-Green Building certification.
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Join Our Team
Bee-Clean supports its staff with excellent working conditions, extensive training and high standards of practice.
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Ensuring Tenant Satisfaction with Personalized Service

100% Canadian owned and operated, we are Canada’s largest janitorial service provider

Bee-Clean was born out of the vision that we could create a true leader in the Janitorial Services Industry.

Every company in every industry claims to be the best at what they do. That’s how sales are made and business completed. In reality there can only be one “best”, only one true leader. Bee-Clean set the standard in the Janitorial Industry and we continue to raise the bar for all of our competitors to work towards. We are dedicated to the goal of reducing overhead and containing costs while simultaneously sustaining gains in workforce productivity. We give attention to the balance between managing costs and leveraging value.


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COVID-19 is a health tragedy that is likely to become even more tragic than the 1.2 million global deaths so far. However, businesses must find ways to safely re-engage during the pandemic with a focus on future-proofing cleaning, or else economic disaster will exacerbate the pain of illness and loss of life.

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