Colleges & Universities​

Setting the stage for learning


At Bee-Clean we understand that a clean, well-maintained, ordered environment supports learning. We recognize the ebb and flow of daily life at college and the unique cleaning challenges it presents.

Colleges or Universities are round-the-clock operations. At any given time, students, staff, administrators and visitors are onsite in classrooms, lecture halls, offices, eating areas, dorms, libraries and gathering places. A cleaning and maintenance schedule in a learning institution has to be flexible, consistent and thorough, creating a safe, healthy environment.

Janitorial staff are often the first to be aware of areas that have fallen into disrepair. We are proactive in bringing this to your attention and wherever possible, addressing the issue as quickly as possible.

Because students and staff spend long hours in certain locations, we apply deep cleaning methods to select areas to support a healthy physical environment throughout the campus.

College and University populations are highly aware of environmental protection and demand the highest levels of compliance. As Canada’s leader in Green Cleaning, Bee-Clean uses only products and equipment certified by ISSA/CIMS, the international accrediting body for the cleaning industry.

Bee-Clean holds membership in APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers and are proud of our unique ability to provide APPA level cleaning and self-inspection reporting to our college and university customers.