Meeting and Exceeding Rigorous Industrial Workplace Standards


Whether at multiple national locations or a single plant or factory, working with industry imposes a stringent protocol on the work of cleaning and maintenance; one which Bee-Clean is proud to meet and exceed.

We work with site managers, floor and production managers and Occupational Health and Safety teams in some of the most challenging and environmentally inhospitable locations in Canada.

Health, Safety and Procurement Conformance Verification


We know that the number one priority when working with heavy industry is health and safety conformance.  Because everyone has to go home safe every day, our safety programs have met the rigorous health, safety and procurement standards necessary to operate with excellence. Our policies, procedures and practices have been reviewed and approved by outside parties to ensure that we operate with both excellence and safety.

Our safety program is an integral part of what we do and how we do it.  Since 1997, Bee-Clean has committed to maintaining the Alberta Government Certificate of Recognition (COR) which involves regular third party auditing of our Health & Safety program.  Listed below are certifications held by Bee-Clean relevant to workplace safety.



ISNetworld, the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors/suppliers. ISN’s Review and Verification Services (RAVS) is the industry-leading provider of conformance verification. Self-reported health, safety and procurement related data is reviewed by subject matterexperts who verify accuracy and validity. In all policies submitted for Review and Verification, Bee-Clean has scored 100%.

CanQual Standard


In 2008 Bee-Clean undertook to commit to the CanQual Standard (CQS) evaluation which verifies that we maintain a health, safety and environmental management system in compliance with national legislated requirements and industry best practices.

WorkSafe BC


BeeClean is the first janitorial company in BC to apply for and begin the WorkSafe BC COR process.  We are currently implementing comprehensive management systems which requires us to exceed the requirements of the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Workers’ Compensation Board


Since 1997, Bee-Clean has committed at the corporate level nationally to maintaining the Alberta Government Certificate of Recognition (COR) Health & Safety program standards.  This requires that we undergo third party auditing of our documentation and includes interviews with our staff and a formal review of our documentation. 

Our cleaning expertise in heavy industry is primarily rooted in our long term relationships working in the heavy oil and gas industries in Western Canada.  Our service support model for our heavy industry customers includes:

  • Conducting a detailed assessment of your site(s), to determine the cleaning, maintenance and preventive maintenance needs
  • Developing the most cost-effective program without compromising quality and safety
  • Managing your cleaning and waste management needs in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards
  • Delivering a cleaning crew trained to handle all applicable products and equipment and work within any industrial setting
  • Working with your OH&S teams to ensure integration with your safety and emergency response protocols
  • Conducting scheduled, frequent quality inspections
  • Applying the latest technology, products and standards of practice to your cleaning and maintenance program