Technology & Research

Expert Protocols for Technological Environments

Complex environments where technology is developed and manufactured demand a highly specialized cleaning protocol. Bee-Clean recognizes that sensitive components and operating systems are vulnerable to harm from dust, dirt, airborne particles, humidity, moisture, temperature and static. The risk of failure, damage and downtime is high. This is also true for data centres, server rooms, network centres, IT departments and other vital technological areas. The standard janitorial approach does not apply.

Bee-Clean has extensive experience in this sector. We recognize that an exceptional cleaning and maintenance program is needed to support technological environments.

Bee-Clean works with our clients in technological environments to create customized cleaning programs, taking into account:

  • Specialized cleaning products, equipment and consumables
  • Raised floor  and sub floor areas
  • Frequent, consistent removal of dust, dirt and other contaminants
  • Damp or dry surface wiping, according to the specifications outlined by the client
  • Anti-static procedures
  • Client-specific protocols and standards

Bee-Clean’s cleaning program is implemented by trained and experienced crews who understand the critical impact of their work.

Protect and maintain your sensitive technological environment with Bee-Clean, Canadian industry leaders.


Bee-Clean supports best practices in research facilities through customer-driven cleaning programs, designed to protect products and people from contaminates and extraneous matter.

We use specialized cleaning agents and equipment to ensure that non-sterile surfaces and working areas are appropriately cleaned. In partnership with our clients, Bee-Clean designs programs with the procedures and frequency to meet and exceed workplace standards and practices in the research sector.

Our crews are enhanced security cleared and experienced in working in some of Canada’s most secure and environmentally sensitive locations. They are trained to understand the specific cleaning, safety and security requirements of a research facility.

Bee-Clean establishes clear and frequent communications with our clients, allowing for constant monitoring and review of client services. This offers the flexibility of immediate change as our clients’ needs change.