Floor Care for Winter Conditions

The leaves are changing, the temperature is descending and another Canadian winter is on its way! For most of the country, the harsh winter elements like the bitter cold, icy walkways and falling snow present challenges that should be addressed to ensure the safety of everyone coming in and out of your facility. The following are some steps that can be taken to minimize accident potential as well as mess during the upcoming winter months:

  • Install entrance matting. By implementing 10-15 feet of entrance matting at all building entrances, puddles of dirt, snow and melting ice can be removed from footwear before it is brought further into the facility. This will minimize slip-and-fall hazards while simultaneously protecting building flooring from wear and tear. Matting should be maintained throughout the season with daily cleaning from a wet-dry vacuum.
  • Regularly maintain cleaning equipment. Reduce the chance of equipment breakdown or failure by examining all cleaning equipment before and after use. Regularly change vacuum filters to eliminate allergens and thoroughly clean and rinse reusable items. Any issues should be dealt with immediately to ensure equipment is in full working order for its next use.
  • Give specialized maintenance care to various flooring types. Whether your institution is host to carpet, tile, marble, vinyl, high-gloss floors or any combination or surfaces, ensure you are utilizing proper and efficient cleaning methods. Consider investing in an auto-scrubber for hard floors or a carpet extractor for carpeting, and keep all tile grout scrubbed with specialized cylindrical brushes.

Need some extra help keeping on top of floor care during the challenging winter months? Our team of experts would be happy to assist you. Contact Bee-Clean today for your specialized winter maintenance needs.