Where do we go from here? – Bee-Clean joins the conversation about the industry’s challenges during and post-pandemic

The reality we’ve faced in the past two years has shined a spotlight on the cleaning and facilities management industry. Many have experienced higher staff turnover, witnessed increased demand (and resulting shortages) of supplies, and seen the growth in the public’s understanding about clean workspaces and the importance of disinfection. As we’ve watched the world …

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Bee-Clean Named Best Managed, Again!

The winners have been announced, and we are incredibly honoured to be a 2022 winner of the Canada’s Best Managed program, sponsored by Deloitte Private, CIBC, The Globe and Mail, and TMX Group. Bee-Clean congratulates all the businesses that were recognized this year. This recognition is not an individual honour. It is a huge testament …

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Future-proofing cleaning for the new normal

COVID-19 is a health tragedy that is likely to become even more tragic than the 1.2 million global deaths so far. However, businesses must find ways to safely re-engage during the pandemic with a focus on future-proofing cleaning, or else economic disaster will exacerbate the pain of illness and loss of life.

Bhim Bhimraj

A beehive thrives because all the bees work together to ensure the survival of the colony. Every bee has a unique job and is fully aware of the role it plays in the hive. Our Bee-Clean hive is no different. Sadly, in June, we lost a cherished and highly valued member of our Edmonton hive. …

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National Indigenous Peoples Day

Setting aside a day for Indigenous Peoples is part of the broader recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ important place within the fabric of Canada and their ongoing contributions as First Peoples.  This year on June 21, 2020, to mark National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Bee-Clean is supporting The Moose Hide Campaign. The Moose Hide Campaign (MHC) is …

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Now is the time to listen

Right now is a pivotal moment in our country. As Canadian stories of injustice begin to circulate, shining a broader light on the marginalization and discrimination of our Indigenous and Black communities, now is not a time to be silent! It is time to come together in support of reconciliation, civil rights, and unconditional love. …

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