Bee-Clean scholarship powers Winnipeg student’s post-secondary education

Ana de Sá Ferreira Lemos, 19, was overjoyed and taken with surprise upon finding out she’d been awarded the Maria Graciete and Jose Correia Family Scholarship through the University of Winnipeg. Ana’s immediate reaction was to share the news with her parents.

Founded in 2011, the Maria Graciete and Jose Correia Family Scholarship is awarded to one or more incoming students who plan to enter either the Faculty of Business and Economics or the Faculty of Science in any year of study (undergraduate or graduate), who have achieved high academic standing. Preference is given to new immigrants to Manitoba or their family, and to Bee-Clean employees, or children and family members of Bee-Clean employees.

“I was thrilled to learn of my selection and felt sincerely honoured to be a recipient,” Ana said. “I am deeply appreciative to the donors for making the Maria Graciete and Jose Correia Family Scholarship possible. This opportunity has allowed me to continue to chase my dreams.”

The West Kildonan Collegiate graduate applied for the scholarship through the university’s online academic awards portal last fall. She was selected for the award based on her academic and career goals, student background, financial needs, as well as the letter she submitted outlining her passions, interests, and community involvement. 

Based on her qualifications, Ana was awarded $3,000 for the fall/winter term 2022-2023 academic term. If Ana maintains good grades, she’ll be eligible to receive the scholarship again. The scholarship’s award total is $12,000 over four years.

Ana’s first year at the University of Winnipeg has been busy, and she’s learned a lot. That learning has extended beyond what she’s absorbed from lectures, textbooks and labs; Ana has learned how to navigate the education system itself.

“Being an immigrant and one of the first people in my family to attend post-secondary education in a different country has very much been a ‘learn as you go’ type of process,” Ana said.

During the second semester, Ana tapped into various academic resources, including tutors, which have been a great support. She’s also signed up for a STEM mentorship program, where new students are paired with later-year students. Ana can’t wait to discover what other academic tools and resources are available.

“As the years have passed and I have now completed my first year of university, I continue to find science very interesting. The fact that science allows for the understanding of the world around us in finer detail is truly fascinating to me,” Ana said.

Ana’s goal is to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree, with a major in neuroscience.

“So far I’ve really liked to study different fields of science,” she said. “Majoring in neuroscience will allow me to do this while also taking psychology courses, which I’ve become interested in after my introduction class.”

While Ana is thoroughly enjoying her time at the University of Winnipeg – with its small class sizes and professors she describes as approachable and happy to help – she’s already thinking about what lies ahead after graduation. Ana is on the right track to achieve a career in the realm of neuroscience, psychology, or medicine.

Join us in congratulating Ana on all her hard work and dedication! We wish you all the best in your career .

Bee-Clean is honoured to help support students like Ana in achieving their academic goals through the Maria Graciete and Jose Correia Family Scholarship. Click here to find out more about the scholarship, including how to apply.