A Passion for Pediatrics and a rising star in Finance, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to two of the ten recipients of the John Walker Scholarship, awarded to Bee-Cleaners in Western Canada.

We are honoured to introduce you to Zaahidah, a remarkable 24-year-old Canadian who is not only a dedicated full-time student but also holds joint professional and research appointments at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the University of Alberta Department of Pediatrics. Her journey is nothing short of inspiring, and we’re thrilled to share her story as one of the recipients of the John Walker Scholarship.
Zaahidah’s educational journey began at M.E Lazerte High School in Edmonton, Alberta. It was there that she laid the foundation for her future academic achievements.
Currently, Zaahidah is a second-year student at the University of Alberta, where she is pursuing an After Degree in the Department of Sociology. Her choice of major reflects a profound interest in understanding the broader social structures that influence our lives. Having graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Psychology, she decided to explore the social and environmental factors that shape human behaviour. “Much of our interactions and decisions are shaped by our environments,” she explains. “I wanted to delve deeper into the social and economic determinants of health and health policies and regulations.”
Zaahidah’s connection to the John Walker Scholarship is a heartwarming one. She discovered this incredible opportunity through her father, who has been a Supervisor at Bee-Clean’s Edmonton Division for the past 14 years. It’s a testament to the strong family bonds and the support that drives success. Zaahidah expresses her gratitude, saying, “Thanks, Dad!”
We look forward to seeing the incredible contributions Zaahidah will make in the years to come and wish her continued success on her educational and professional journey. Congratulations, Zaahidah, on being a scholarship winner who is sure to inspire others to pursue their dreams and make a meaningful difference in their communities!

Janelle Legaspi is a shining example of a young professional dedicated to her education, community, and career. At just 23 years old, Janelle is already making a significant impact in her role as an Accounts Receivable Coordinator at Bee-Clean Edmonton Finance department. Let’s get to know her better and learn about her journey, aspirations, and the impact of the John Walker Scholarship on her post-secondary experience.
She graduated from Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Fort McMurray in 2018 and is currently attending the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) as a fourth-year student majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.
Janelle’s path to accounting wasn’t always clear. At first, it wasn’t her foremost choice for a career or major. However, fate had other plans for her, and she quickly discovered her passion for the field. She’s particularly intrigued by the potential changes that AI and digital technologies might bring to the accounting world in the coming years.
Janelle learned about the John Walker Scholarship through the company’s internal website. The application process was straightforward, involving an essay detailing her contributions to the community.
When she received the news that she had been chosen as a recipient, she was genuinely surprised and deeply grateful. This recognition reaffirmed her dedication to community involvement and motivated her to continue making a positive impact.
As she approaches graduation in 2025, Janelle is contemplating her future in the world of Finance and accounting. While she is considering pursuing her CPA credential, she is currently finding fulfillment in her role at Bee-Clean Edmonton’s finance department. In just one year, she has grown both personally and professionally, thanks to the hands-on learning opportunities provided by her team.
We’re proud to have her as a member of the Bee-Clean team and look forward to seeing her future accomplishments in the world of Finance and beyond.
We want to wish a heartfelt congratulations to all the John Walker Scholarship recipients. All the best for a successful school year.